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Dr. Daniel Stone, MD FACOG

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Dr. Daniel Stone, MD is a leading expert in the surgical and non-surgical management of Pelvic Floor Disorders. Dr. Stone can diagnosis and provides management options for Pelvic Floor Disorder for patients in the Phoenix, Scottsdale and surrounding Arizona areas.

Surgery Q&A

  • How long will I be in the hospital?

    It depends on the type of surgery but usually, you go home the same day or stay one night in the hospital. Ultimately it depends on how well you do. Dr. Stone uses three criteria for leaving the hospital which includes:

    • Pain well controlled with oral pain medication
    • Walking without assistance
    • Tolerating liquids without nausea or vomiting

  • When will I be able to get out of bed after surgery?

    Dr. Stone recommends that you get out of bed as soon as possible. Getting up helps you recover quicker, helps prevent blood clots, and gets you back to your normal activities more quickly. Most of the time you will be able to get out of bed within hours after surgery.

  • How soon after surgery can I have food?

    Dr. Stone recommends that you listen to your body and let your appetite be your guide. That means you can eat as soon as you’d like but don’t force yourself to eat. Most of the time you will be able to eat food within hours after surgery.

  • Will I need to use a catheter after surgery?

    This depends on what was done but it is very common to need a catheter after incontinence and prolapse surgeries. Since these surgeries are near the bladder, it is common for women to have difficulty emptying the bladder. If you do need to go home with a catheter, Dr. Stone will ask you to come into the office 2-3 days later for catheter removal.

  • How will I receive pain medication after surgery?

    You will either take pain medication orally or through an IV depending on if you're able to drink fluids after surgery. If you do need IV pain medication, Dr. Stone’s team will eventually transition you to oral-only medication.

  • Will I be on medication after discharge from the hospital?

    Dr. Stone and his team will prescribe medications to go home with. Usually, his pain regimen will consist of Tylenol, ibuprofen, and something stronger such as oxycodone. These stronger pain meds are known to cause constipation, so you must prevent constipation by increasing your fiber intake, water, and possibly starting a medication like Miralax.

  • When will I have my first postoperative visit?

    You’ll have two post-operative appointments with Dr. Stone. He will want to see you in 2 weeks after surgery and at 6-8 weeks. The 2-week visit is a very basic followup where he will discuss any pressing issues that you may be having. If you are doing well, you can cancel this appointment.

    However, the 6-8 weeks appointment is more comprehensive. He will ask about your symptoms to determine whether or not the surgery was a success and perform and exam

  • When can I resume my normal activities?

    You will receive instructions describing what you should and shouldn’t do for the first 6 weeks of surgery. Everyone recovers differently.

    When it comes to activity, listen to your body, and use common sense. If you’re in pain during a certain activity, then cut back and rest. Try again in a few days. Other things to remember are:

    • Rest is important and short naps (20 minutes) can refresh you during the day.
    • It is important to walk so that you do not become weak.
    • Stairs are ok
    • Avoid jumping, running and lifting heavy objects (more than 15 lbs)
    • Shower and baths are ok. Avoid hot tubs, pools, lakes for 6 weeks to avoid infection.
    • Do not place anything in your vagina (tampons, douches, or medications inserted by vaginal applicator) during the first 6 weeks after surgery.
    • Avoid intercourse, tampon insertion, and douching for 6 weeks after surgery.


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"He actually took the time and listened to me. After the exam he told me that he wanted to try another pessary before committing to surgery. He fit one in and it worked! I haven't felt this good in years. I'm so so grateful to him!"
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"He is one of the most caring docs I've ever been to. I've been struggling with this problem for years and have been to 3 docs before I saw him."
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"Dr. Stone is a really good doctor. After I had the urethra sling surgery Dr Stone called me at home to see how I was doing. The office staff is good. Dr Stone's nurse Iris is really good she returns calls. I will refer my family and friends to this office."
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"Dr. Stone has been wonderful. I was very hesitant at first to see a man but he put me completely at ease. I was able to speak to him about my problem with leakage. He discussed several options and gave me choices which I loved. Eventually I decided on surgery. The surgery went well and I finally have my life back again."
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"I highly recommend him. I will be referring all my loved ones if ever they develop problems."
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"He put us at ease about the surgery by really explaining the procedure in detail to me, my husband and my daughter. He made me feel like I was his only patient."
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"Awesome!! Would give him 10 stars!!!!! Dr. Stone took the time to fully explain medical procedures. He patiently answered all my questions."
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"His bed-side manner put me at ease discussing a very embarrassing topic. I'd recommend him to anyone."

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